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Why More People Are Opting to Scatter Ashes at Sea

If you have ever lost a loved one before, you understand how draining a funeral can be. While that is the traditional route a lot of families choose to take, the face of burial is changing. More and more are turning to scattering ashes at sea as their preference to honour their loved one.

Undertakers Are Seeing an Increase in Sea Burial

Those in the burial business are seeing an increase of scattering ashes at sea. In particular, Buddhists and Hindus are choosing this method of burial to put their loved ones to rest. There are many reasons people are considering cremation over traditional burial.

  • Finances- the growing expenses for traditional funerals where your loved one is laid to rest in a casket is burdensome on families. Individuals are turning to cremation to cut costs. While this seems like a harsh concern to have in the midst of death, it is a valid reason many choose to cremate.
  • Time to Plan- in the midst of your grief, you are expected to plan a funeral service to honour your family member. This time can be confusing and difficult for even the most planned deaths. Many families are going with cremation services so that they can later prepare a memorial service.
  • Scattering ashes at sea has meaning- scattering ashes at sea is important to some people. Those that have spent a lot of time boating or on the water may choose this route for sentimental reasons. Most people look to lay their loved ones to rest in a place that has meaning.
  • Less burdensome- death is already a huge burden on a family, especially those that have to make decisions in regards to the funeral. A lot of people are putting it in their wills to have a sea burial. This keeps the family from having to make these choices while they are in the midst of heartache.

Should You Choose a Sea Burial

Each family has to decide for themselves what is the best choice for funeral services. There are many reasons to choose sea burial versus traditional methods. However, some families want their loved ones buried in the ground.

It is best to remember that there is no right way to honour your family members that have passed away. You must decide what is best for you and what will help those left behind feel at peace.

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