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Staying Safe When Scattering Ashes at Sea

When scattering ashes on water, it is so important that you use precaution and beware of dangerous conditions. Remember, when you are out on the water or standing on the shoreline to pay attention to what is going on around you. The unfortunate thing is that some individuals have lost their lives spreading their loved ones ashes to rest.

Man is Swept Into the Tenerife Sea

On November 22 of last year, a man and his brother went to scatter the ashes of friend that had died in a car accident. The friend had only passed away a few days prior. As the man and his brother stood on the cliff, a freak wave swept them both off the cliff.

The man was swept out into the Spanish sea. His brother managed to get out of the water before his fate was the same. It took 8 hours for the rescue crews to find the man that didn’t make it.

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How to Stay Safe When Scattering Ashes

How did this terrible tragedy happen? Apparently the island had been having bad weather that was worse than usual. There were very strong winds and currents. When you plan to scatter remains, it is a good idea to stay flexible with the date. It is ok if you have to postpone on account of poor weather.

If you are heading out by boat, keep an eye on the weather reports. Be sure you change your plans if the weather is supposed to be bad or has been bad.

Make sure you scatter ashes at approved places. Sticking to places that are approved is for the safety of everyone.

Plan an Alternative if the Weather is Bad

Make a plan ahead of time for inclement weather. If you have a group of people that are planning to meet for the seaside ceremony, choose an alternate way to honour your loved one. You don’t have to turn away the group that gathered, just move locations or say words of remembrance right where you are. Plan the scattering service for another day.

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