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Planning a Sea Burial Ceremony

Scatting your loved ones ashes can be a very difficult thing to do when it comes time. It seems like such a natural thing in a movie. On the other hand, in real life it is much more difficult.

Planning a Scattering Ashes at Sea Ceremony

When you have a traditional funeral service, a family receives a lot guidance from the funeral home or pastors that are involved. In the midst of the grief, these caring people understand the family needs help putting together a service.

When it comes to scattering ashes at a sea ceremony, it can be a tad bit more difficult. By the time you decide what to do with your loved ones remains, you do not have the guidance from outside groups.

How do You Scatter Ashes at Sea

It is good to have the time you need to plan for the ceremony. Understanding the laws on scattering ashes in UK is a good place to start. You can check out our advice section HERE for those regulations. If you are asking if you need a permit to scatter ashes, we answer that for you.

Scattering Ashes at Sea Ceremony

Knowing what to say at a sea burial can be one of the most challenging things for the family. If you have a choice, it is best to invite close friends and family to the day. Doing this by yourself  brings even greater challenges.

Consider reading scriptures, a poem, or a heartfelt letter to your loved one. If anyone is with you, ask each person on the boat to share something they remember about the individual. This time is for you to remember that person who has passed on.

There is no right or wrong way to sprinkle the remains of someone you cared for into the water. This is a day for you, your family, and friends to feel at peace with your loss.

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