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Scattering ashes at sea

We asked you whether you would prefer to have your ashes scatter over the sea, a river or a canal. It turns out that 70% would prefer the sea and the rest river – no one said a canal. Why the Sea and and why not the canal? I guess the sea resonates more and this Island nation -it is so closely associated with it. Odd that no one at all chose the canal, yet the network of waterways that cuts the country up is also close to our hearts. Is it to with the fact that there is no real flow and the ashes will remain in the same place? Is it just looks dirty? Or is it because it is man made?

When we asked the question why you chose to scatter the ashes over water, you said:

It connected to the person’s job or life was connected in some way – 46%
they loved the water – 38%
the water holds spiritual meaning – 16%

Which is perhaps less surprising, but no less interesting …

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