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Laws for Scattering Ashes in Hong Kong

Scattering on Water has a desire to help our customers say goodbye to their loved ones in a memorable and thoughtful way.  Recently, we’ve heard so many stories about unique ash scattering ceremonies. They are lovely tributes to people.

One thing we encourage people to be mindful of is that they need to consider the rules and regulations of the area they decide to scatter the ashes. For example, we came across some specifics for Hong Kong waters and thought we would use this is an example.

Scattering Ashes in Accordance with Local Rules

Hong Kong has a streamlined process to be considered. Perhaps you live in a different country completely. We just encourage you to be aware of the best practices and rules that are set in place.

Potential steps include:

  1. Application process where you submit for approval in advance of the ceremony.
  2. Pay any fees if applicable.
  3. Note the areas that you plan to scatter your loved one’s ashes.
  4. There is a permit issued that you may need to turn in after approval is granted.
  5. Schedule the date and time you plan to scatter the ashes.
  6. Stay within the set parameters given by the local authorities.

If you want to ready more about this story, then read about it here.

Scattering on Water happily serves our customers in a way that strives to lessen the pain and burden of their grief. We can assist you with purchasing urns or charter boats in order to help your loved ones ashes be scattered in a place that is special to both them and you.

We just encourage you to follow the guidelines for the area you choose to scatter ashes. You want the experience to be a tribute to your loved one and not something that causes you any trouble with authority.

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