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Hindu Burial Service

Scattering on Water provides support for the families of those that have passed away by assisting with ash scattering ceremonies. We hope to make this a special time as you mourn and heal from your great loss. Truly, we understand how to go alongside you and help you to feel at peace as you say goodbye.

Scattering on Water hopes to celebrate the love for your friend or family member with you while you plan and have your ceremony.  There are so many traditions out there. In fact, the Hindus have a common practice when it comes to burial services.

Hindu Burial Service

Hindu people hold ceremonies where they immerse cremated remains into rivers as they send their prayers and thoughts with the one who has passed away. In fact, this is the most common way that they bury their loved ones.

The older generation believes it is important to go to the rivers of India in order to do the ceremony. However, this is both costly and time consuming, depending on where the person who passed on lives.  Those that are not as rooted to the area will have these ceremonies anywhere, including in the United States.

Sea Services

Families can attend a service at sea to say goodbye to their loved one. Guides that lead these trips to sea try to blend in the spiritual elements, legalities, and practical preferences for the Hindu people. The process can vary but there are some specific traditions that prevail. The customs, language, and info about India will be shared at sea as they say farewell.

Scattering on Water would be honored and pleased to assist you if you are interested in an ash scattering ceremony. We are equipped to answer any questions that you may have and would be glad to put your mind at ease. Losing a love one is difficult, and we aim to make the process and ceremony easy on the family and friends left behind.

Feel free to ask any questions about the Hindu practices or something else that you may be interested in. We are here to help.


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