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poem for scatter ashes over water

A Poem for Scattering Ashes on Water – The Gentle Farewell

The Gentle Farewell


Upon the water’s gentle embrace, we stand,

With heavy hearts and memories in hand.

In this solemn moment, we let go,

The ashes of a loved one, now bestowed.


With reverence and care, we release,

A soul set free, finding eternal peace.

The water, a canvas of shimmering light,

Reflects the spirit taking its final flight.


A gentle breeze whispers its sweet refrain,

Carrying fragments of love and pain.

Each particle dances upon the waves,

A symphony of grace, as nature behaves.


The ripples form a path, both near and far,

Guiding the essence to where the heavens are.

A journey of transition, bittersweet and profound,

In this sacred act, solace can be found.


As the ashes blend with the ebb and flow,

The water carries them, where only it may go.

They merge with the currents, gentle and free,

Becoming one with the vast, boundless sea.


A tapestry of memories lingers in the air,

As the horizon embraces love’s tender affair.

Though physically apart, the bond remains,

Entwined in the depths where the heart retains.


In scattering ashes on water’s serene face,

We honor a life, a spirit, an embrace.

A final tribute to a soul now set free,

United with nature’s eternal tapestry.


And as we bid farewell with love and grace,

We find solace in the serenity of this place.

For the water’s embrace, forever to be,

A sanctuary of love, in memory’s sea.

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