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Unclaimed Dead Scattered at Sea

When an individual dies and a family does not claim the body, what happens to the person? Each government has a different process. In North Carolina, there is a way that the dead are remembered.

What Happens When a Person Dies With No Family

In North Carolina, the medical examiners office keeps the person for 10 days. If the family can’t be found or there are financial burdens the body is sent to Durham. They are cremated at that location and stored.

Scattering Ashes at Sea off of Morehead City

Since 1973, the facility in Durham has been in charge of scattering ashes. They have taken care of more than 800 individuals over the course of the years. At one time they would scatter the remains every two years. Now that the number of unclaimed individuals has increased, they are scattering every six months now.

Who Scatters Ashes When No One Claims a Body

The job of laying the dead to rest is in the hands of Clyde Gibbs, Jr. and Joe Marlette. Marlette is a Marine Patrol enforcement officer. He drives the boat for the Gibbs to scatter ashes.

Marlette drives the boat out three miles from shore. That is where it is legal to scatter remains. He says he does not help to lay the individuals to rest, but leaves that job to Gibbs.

What Do Family Members Think of This

Some of the individuals that have not been claimed, have families that do not have the finances to take their loved one. Some have family members that are elderly and unable to handle the process. The families are informed that their loved one will be scattered on the water.

Gibbs says that most families say that their loved one would have wanted it this way. For many of them, Gibbs and Martelle are doing for their loved one what they couldn’t do.

If you want to read about this in full, go HERE.

Scattering On Water Gives Advice

If you have lost a loved one and you are in need of help, we are here to help you. We can help you find a boat for your ashes ceremony in the United Kingdom. It is our goal to assist in any way we can. During this overwhelming time in your life, you can have peace that you will be taken care of.



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