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Pearl Harbor Survivor Honoured

People that give their lives for their country should be remembered for their service. Those that were killed in action or the line of duty are brave and deserve to be honoured.

Pearl Harbor Survivor Honoured At Scattering Ashes Ceremony

On May 27, a group of people gathered together to remember Alec Boatman, who was a Pearl Harbor Survivor. Before he passed away, he requested that his family bury him in the water with the many other service members whose ashes had been scattered there over the years.

The people came together to scatter ashes of their loved one in Pearl Harbor. About 40 family members of Boatman attended the ceremony. These individuals came from great distances to take part in the service.

Some members flew in from Tokyo, Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York. The family felt that the ceremony went really well.

Help From The Navy

Boatman enlisted in the U. S. Navy in December of 1940. He served for four years until he got out on a medical discharge. He served his country well during his time in the military.

The Navy made it possible for him and his family to scatter his ashes in Pearl Harbor. While the family said it was hard for them to say goodbye to him, they knew he wanted to be returned to his friends and brothers.

You can read the full news story HERE.

It is always an important part of the healing process to do as your loved one requests. When you are able to lay them to rest and respect their wishes, it helps you feel as though you have served them well.
Here are Scattering Ashes On Water, we can help you chart a boat and scatter your loved one in the place they request. We make it our passion to help you honour their last wishes.

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