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Florida’s Nepture Memorial Reef

Scattering on Water has the goal to assist their customers as they say goodbye to their loved ones. They believe it can be a memorable and noteworthy experience which can help the healing process too.

We are available to assist those that need to talk and to help them think of ways to scatter the ashes or decide what to do with the cremated remains of someone they cared for. Also, we like to share tips, ideas and places that may be of interest to our customers.

The Neptune Memorial Reef

One place that we encourage people to consider is The Neptune Memorial Reef located in Florida, just east of Key Biscayne.  The reef is artificial and was built to resemble the Lost City of Atlantis.

Families can select a memorial such as a column or starfish that will have the name and a message about the deceased person. These tributes are a way to celebrate their life. Further, they can be part of an ecological advancement where life is created after life.

The Department of Environmental Resource Management reports that marine life at the Reef has gone from none to thousands in only two years. This is a very “green” way to say goodbye to your family member.

Ways to Visit Loved Ones

The Neptune Memorial Reef has several ways that families can visit the remains of the deceased.

  • Boats can be chartered and take to the reef area.
  • People become dive certified and visit the memorial.
  • Some people snorkel at the reef in order to get close to their loved one’s remains.

Some families have visited numerous times in less than a year’s time. There has been much healing and joy watching life be created again.

Scattering on Water is available to answer any questions you may have or get you additional info on both our services and information about The Neptune Memorial Reef. We are here for you as you grieve and heal during a time of loss

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