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ashes put into a reef

Ashes in a memorial reef

When you lose someone that you love, finding the perfect way to honour their lives can be difficult. If you have chosen to cremate the one who has passed on, there are many different ways and creative places that you can scatter ashes. One such unique place to lay your loved one to rest is at the Neptune Memorial Reef. This is an incredible underwater work of art that has benefits from your loved ones ashes.

Neptune Memorial Reef:

The Neptune Memorial Reef is located in the water not far from Miami, Florida. This man made reef is an artist’s rendition of the Lost City of Atlantis. All of the benches, marine animals, pillars, and artifacts are made from the ashes of dearly lost individuals mixed in with stone. Each memorial is marked with a plaque of the loved one that has passed on. The entire habitat is created one piece at a time by these beautiful representations of a lost city that has been considered to be a utopia full of wisdom and peace.

Deployment to the Reef:

When you chose to have your loved one become a part of this work of art, the memorials are deployed to the reef by certified divers. Family members are welcome to join in on the deployment of the memorial to the reef if they have undergone certification. If members of the family are unable to join in, pictures of artifacts are taken in the location they have been placed. Families have the option of where to place these items. Each individual whose ashes have been melded into the stone are made a part of an incredible piece of art along with giving back to nature in the form of a valuable reef for ocean life.

A Truly Unique Way of Scattering Ashes:

After you have had the remains of your loved one given back to you, knowing exactly what to do with the ashes can be difficult to decide. In your mind, you want to honour their remembrance in the way that most represents them. A place like the Neptune Memorial Reef gives families a serene environment to lay their beloved family members to rest. For members of the family that are planning a scattering ceremony, they are able to sail in a vessel above the reef. If that is not a possibility, the pictures of the memorials will be forever viewable online. What an incredible environment this would be to lay a loved one to rest.

photo copyright National Geographic

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