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Urn for water Burial: Roman urn


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Name:                  Roman Urn

Cost:                     £95

Description:         These urns are fantastic replicas of Roman urn from a thousand years ago complete the seal they can be kept on display before you bury or put them in water. They are made of sand and gelatine they are designed to dissolve completely in water, a stylish design that is perfect for a water burial. The will float for a few minutes then submerge

Colour:               Blue Sky, Earth, Marina, Bronze, Brown

Material:               These bio-degradable Eco-urns are made from gelatine and sand, and begin to dissolve once brought into contact with water or moisture.

Suitable use:      Perfectly designed for a water burial: the sea, lake and rivers eg Thames, Severn, Trent etc. They are suitable for land burial too moisture in the soil will help the urn degrade

Biodegradable:   Yes

Size:                     Volume  3 litres  –  Height 22cm, maximum diameter 19 cm.

Notes:                   All of these types of urns are approved by the Royal Navy.


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