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Navy Veteran Honours Fallen Comrades in Unique Way

Scattering on Water wants to help you as you decide what to do with the ashes of your loved one. Quite often, we work with families that are interested in an ash scattering ceremony. This is an outstanding way to celebrate their life and what they mean to you.  

Once the deceased person has been cremated, there are decisions to make. During the grieving process, this is tough to do because people are overwhelmed. Time and thoughtfulness are key so that you are able to figure out what you’d like to do. No need to rush.

Scattering on Water finds that there is a good bit of healing in doing a ceremony to scatter the ashes of a loved one because it’s an act of love and appreciation.  Usually, they select a special place to the person and scatter them there.

Recently, we’ve heard quite a few powerful stories when it comes to ash scattering ceremonies.

Navy Burial

The United States Navy took the time to make a veteran’s final wish come true. Navy Captain Paul “Bud” Rogers wanted to have his remains scattered off the New England coast at the location where a submarine sank about 50 years ago. The site was over 200 miles from the coastline.

In order to fulfill his wish, the Naval Submarine Base in Groton, Connecticut decided to take his ashes out to the USS Thresher’s final resting place where it sank in 1963. The Navy didn’t explain the date this would occur but they were pleased to make this happen for Navy Captain Rogers.

The Captain died at 86 years of age and was from Wernersville, Pennsylvania. Back in 1963, he was supposed to be on the Thresher the day it sank but at last minute someone else took his place. The 129 men that were on the submarine that day died. Captain Rogers never forgot that and wanted it to be his final resting place. 

Scattering on Water would be pleased to serve you if you are interested in scheduling an ash scattering ceremony.  We are available to answer any questions and help during your time of grief.

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