Viking Longship Urn

  • Perfect for viking send off – a blaze of glory
  • Can be engraved
  • Holds full set of ashes
  • Beautifully made
  • Fantastic detail
  • Comes with stand
  • Award Winning Independent Family Business




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Handmade from sustainable wood, finished to a very high standard. With crafted detail – shields, a striped sail and steering oars.

You simply place the cremated ashes in to container within the boat, set it alight and then set it adrift.

It has two plug that can be removed should you choose to regulate the time is stays afloat

They can be buried or set adrift and alight on a lake or calm sea.

They come with a stand so you can keep them on display as long as you wish before the ceremony, or display permanently if you wish.

The Standard Viking Longboat Urn:

The standard boat will contain most sets of ashes. However we can’t know the amount of ashes you have*

  • Length 81cm / 32″
  • Height (without stand) 43cm / 17″
  • Height (with stand) 46cm / 18″
  • Width 18cm / 7″
  • Capacity 155 cubic inches / 2.5Ltrs

The Large Jarl Size Viking Long Boat Urn

Not everyone’s ashes are the same size so to accommodate one large set of ashes or potential two smaller sets of ashes we can provide the extra large size or Jarl boat*

  • Length 100cm/ 32″
  • Height (without stand) 46cm / 17″
  • Height (with stand) 49cm / 18″
  • Width 20cm / 7″
  • Capacity 274 cubic inches / 4.5Ltrs

Plus,  we have The Keepsake Size which can be kept as a lovely memorial item to commemorate the Viking ceremony of your loved one.

As Charles Cowling author of the Good Funeral Guide puts it about the Viking send off: “It is spectacular. The flames rise to the heavens as the wind fills the longboat’s sails and it journeys. There is compelling emotional and spiritual appeal in this imagery, of journeying, transition, transfiguration and consummation. The spirit rises as the craft moves over the face of the waters; that which is earthly is subsumed by the sea. All the elements are present: earth, air, fire, water. And there is an inexorable dynamic.” We produce them in small batches.

Whether you feel pagan or just drawn to something that resonates in the soul this could be the one for you…

I have to tell you that we had the service of my husband’s ashes done on Lake Superior recently with the Viking Boat Urn.  It was the most beautiful service….calm waters, rose petals from his funeral and wild flowers thrown by people into the water as the Viking Ship Urn burned and sailed.  We had beautiful sailing music.  Waters were very calm….took 33 minutes to go down.  We actually had to start the engine of our boat to circle him so there were waves.  The third wave worked and the Viking Boat Urn went down.  After that had a pink sunset on the water and then the full super moon.  Was an incredible evening and just what he had wanted.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Deb, USA<

I have just received my Longship Urn, and even though I have not fully unwrapped it yet – I can see it and I am delighted with it – it is stunning and so well made. Really beautiful. I am so thrilled with it. Thank you so very much. Brian will be smiling. I never imagined I would be able to give Brian his final wishes in such a dignified and beautiful way. Thank you so very much. I will keep in touch with your website, With warmest wishes Alyson, UK

See link for the Viking Boat ceremony we filmed in Somerset. This is a natural process with wood, fire and water so we can’t predict accurately how long the boat will, the amount of fuel used, the weather and turbulence  all have an impact. The calmer the water the longer it stays afloat.

P&P is included for mainland UK. In stock items will be shipped overnight (except Fridays), if the order is placed in the morning. If you purchase one from outside of the UK we will be in touch to advise on the additional courier charge.

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