Quartz Floating Ball Urn

  • Elegant design
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Perfect for a water ceremony
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The urn is designed to float on the water for a few minutes allowing you time to say some words and cast petals or other natural tributes.

Each urn includes a biodegradable bag into which the cremated remains must be placed. Please leave some space at the top for air to ensure that the ball floats, if there is no air in the ball it will sink straight away. To seal the urn you will need some adhesive glue (supplied) to put around the bottom half and then place the top half on top and leave to set. Make sure you keep the urn dry until you are ready to place it in the water.

Once placed in water, the urn will break down within three days. If, however, you bury the urn in the ground, it will biodegrade within three months.

The urn come it a choice of two finishes a white quartz and a sandy finish.

Capacity 3 litres – equivalent to the cremated remains of one adult.


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Beach Sand, White


Mini, Standard


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