Keepsake Viking Longship Urn

  • Perfect for keeping small portion of a loved ones ashes
  • Can be engraved
  • Beautifully made
  • Fantastic detail
  • Comes with stand
  • Award Winning Independent Family Business

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The Viking Longboat Keepship Urn

Whether you wish to send a small portion of a loved ones ashes out in viking style or use the keepsake to hold some back or want a replica of the full size that went out in a blaze of glory – the choice is yours.

Handmade from sustainable wood, finished to a very high standard. With crafted detail – shields, a striped sail and steering oars.

They come with a stand so you can keep them on display.

The Keepsake is 25cm. Approximately 1/3 scale the full size version. Ideal for display purposes with or without ashes.

As Charles Cowling author of the Good Funeral Guide puts it about the Viking send off: “It is spectacular. The flames rise to the heavens as the wind fills the longboat’s sails and it journeys. There is compelling emotional and spiritual appeal in this imagery, of journeying, transition, transfiguration and consummation. The spirit rises as the craft moves over the face of the waters; that which is earthly is subsumed by the sea. All the elements are present: earth, air, fire, water. And there is an inexorable dynamic.” We produce them in small batches.

Remember if you do choose to burn this smaller version this is a natural process with wood, fire and water so we can’t predict accurately how long the boat will, the amount of fuel used, the weather and turbulence  all have an impact. The calmer the water the longer it stays afloat. The amount of ashes you use is up to you you but the boat will need to sit comfortably in the water and as it is a lot smaller than the full size version it will need calm conditions.

P&P is included for mainland UK. In stock items will be shipped overnight (except Fridays), if the order is placed in the morning. If you purchase one from outside of the UK we will be in touch to advise on the additional courier charge.


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