Footprints Biodegradable Urn

  • Beautiful dignified design
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Ideal for a water ceremony
  • FREE next day delivery*


Footprint urn

The design compliments any water ceremony with a course sandy finish in white crystals or buff colour and detailed with small footprints on the side of the urn.

Each urn includes a biodegradable bag into which the cremated remains must be placed. No glue is required to seal the urn. Simply remove the lid, carefully moisten the inside lip and replace the lid and allow to seal.

Each urn is shipped in a box with custom protective packaging that gives you a convenient and discreet transportation. The box (and urn) will pass through airport security screenings and can fit in the overhead compartment of most commercial airliners.

When buried in the ground, the urn will biodegrade within three months. Once placed in water, the urn will break down within three days.

Capacity 3 litres – equivalent to the cremated remains of one adult.


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Beach Sand, White


Mini, Standard


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