Water is the perfect place for scattering a loved one's cremation ashes. Whether your choice is a river, the sea, a lake or a canal - we can help. Whether you need a boat, an urn or just good clear advice - we can help.

People of the British Isles and beyond have a strong association to water: whether through our jobs, where we love to play, whether it holds spiritual meaning or the fact that water makes up over 80% of our body. So it is not surprising many of would wish this to be the final resting place for our ashes.

Water is both mentally calm and stimulating,  from a tranquil lake to a babbling brook or a crashing wave on a beach.

If this is your choice,  we can help: from picking the right location, choosing the right urn, to how to conduct a ceremony and record it.

Water burial set

Scattering Ashes Over Water – Ceremony Set

We have put together the complete set for you to have a memorable and dignified water ceremony. It contains:
  • Water Urn suitable for one person – Cretian (these urn submerge quickly suitable for deeper water) or Journey (these float a while before sinking).
  • Rose Flower Petals 1ltr
  • A box of ‘Promises’, this is a box of notelets that are specifically designed to dissolve quickly on impact with water. These are for you to write final messages and words.
  • Ceremony Certificate – a scattering ceremony record,
  • Guide Book – ‘Celebrating the Life of a Loved One: what to do with their ashes’
Indian ashes ceremony

Hindu Ashes Water Burial Set

We have created a Hindu inspired water ceremony set that includes:
  • A Water Biodegradable Urn suitable for one person’s ashes. A simple clay urn with embossed Om symbol – this urn will submerge quickly and is suitable for water burials.
  • A 1 litre box of natural dried flowers comprising of:
    • Hibiscus
    • Roses
    • Jasmine
    • Marigold
  • A box of ‘Promises’ which are notelets  designed to dissolve quickly in water. Guests can write their final messages or prayers before casting them into the water.
  • A Ceremony Certificate – for you to record the date and location for future generations.
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