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Vandals Damage the Designated Area to Scatter Ashes

Many people chose to scatter ashes on the River Soar in Leicester. The Leicester City Council had put a designated area in place for those that wanted to scatter remains. This area was a place where families could gather and honour their loved ones.

Vandals Damage the Designated Area

In January of 2015, vandals came and damaged the area that was set aside for the community. There was a platform that had been built in the water that would allow the family to gather together.

After the offenders were done with the area, no one was able to use it. It will have to be rebuilt in order to function once again.

Why Would Someone Vandalize the Location?

There is no evidence suggesting a reason behind the vandalism. It could be that someone was upset about the purpose of the location. Or there could be other motives that are not apparent.

Since the location has been up, the council has mostly received positive feedback about it.

It is unclear what the motives were, but the council will have to decide what they will do for the location now.

You can read the full story HERE.

Is it Safe to Scatter Ashes on Water?

Scattering the ashes of a loved one is a safe way to honour your loved one. The problem comes in when people throw in artificial flowers or other trinkets.

At the River Soar, families are asked to only scatter the ashes of their loved one and not anything else. They are also asked to be sure that the wind is not blowing in the direction of other people on the shoreline.

It is important that find a way to remember your loved one. Scattering ashes on water is a way that many choose and have found comfort in.

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