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Underwater Reef Memorials

Scattering on Water specializes in memorials that celebrate the loved ones of families that have passed away. We take our work seriously and try to care for the needs and emotions of our customers in a unique way.

We are always looking for ways to celebrate those that have passed on.   We came across an article that showed how people created underwater reef memorials.  Scattering on Water is able to help you with something quite similar.

Eternal Reefs

People donate their organs after they pass on.  The idea was brought up that perhaps their ashes after cremation could be of good use in the form or a memorial and even as food for marine life.   

A company called Eternal reefs started mixing a person’s remains with environmentally safe materials and then created a hollow ball that is about 4 feet by 5 feet in size and weighs up to 4,000 pounds.  

Families decorate these memorials with special decorations and memorabilia that represents the deceased loved one.  They then watch the reef ball as it falls into the ocean and sinks to its resting place.

Environmental Benefits

The memorials that Eternal Reefs creates are living memorials and they begin to create new marine growth.  This is extremely beneficial because it replenishes the natural reef systems that have been diminished over the years.  

People love the idea that they can give back to the earth even after they die.  Fish migrate fairly quickly to these reef balls and new growth typically occurs within a few weeks.   Upon maturing, these memorials become permanent in marine life.  They continue to develop new growth and will live on.

Joy for Families

There are many examples of families that have chosen this type of memorial.  Phyllis Flowers chose this type of memorial for her son, John, because he was always drawn to water. He was diagnosed with brain cancer and she said goodbye to him in a unique way with a decorated reef ball that exemplified his life.  While hard to say goodbye, Phyllis felt joy in honoring her son in this way.

Contact Scattering on Water if you want more information about reef memorials and click here to see more examples of families that chose this route to celebrate a life well lived. Also, we are  able to assist you with urns and charter boats to scatter ashes of your loved one.

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