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Unclaimed Individuals Buried in Mass Grave in Los Angeles County

In Los Angeles County, many were laid to rest in a mass burial grave. These individuals were those that were homeless, had families unable to give a proper burial, and others. Whatever the reason these people didn’t have a burial, the County prepared a cremation ceremony for them.

Scattering Ashes Ceremony Performed

There was a simple scattering ashes ceremony that was put together by the L. A. County Crematory. It took place at the Cemetery in Boyle Heights. They held the non-denominational burial at 10:30am. They put a call out to the community to all those that might be interested in attending.

They have a huge passion to honor everyone that has passed away. That is why they chose to cremate and scatter the remains at this ceremony.

How the Ceremony Takes Place

The number of Jane and John Does that have been buried in the county graveyard over the past decade was about 1,798. They perform these ceremonies every once in a while to honour the dead.

A few days before the ceremonies are to take place, they put together a single mass grave marker. Then, they will scatter ashes on the area of all of the men and women that have passed on.

To learn more about this, be sure to read more in this article.

Having Your Own Scattering Ashes Ceremony

Many people wonder what to do for their own scattering ashes ceremony. We suggest that you determine a spot that you can safely and legally scatter your loved ones ashes. After you have located the spot, find out what the rules are for that area in regards to scattering.

If you need more information about how to find out the regulations for your area, be sure to contact us. We will help you out as best as possible.

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