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scattering on the tidal thames

Scattering ashes Port of London Authority

The loss of a loved one brings about a difficult season of life that takes time to adjust and heal from the pain. If you have decided to have the one who has passed on cremated and wish to a scattering ashes ceremony over the tidal Thames in England, there are some things to keep in mind. The Port of London Authority does not have any mandates about scattering ashes with the exception of requesting that ceremonies are not held on the bridge for fear the ashes will reach passing boats. However, there are some things that the Environment Agency has put together as guidelines for these precious ceremonies.

Where to Scatter:

You need to choose a location that is not near fishing boats, swimming areas, piers, or other parts of water where people are in the water. If you are unsure if the location you are selecting has the potential of harming the environment, check with your local Environment Agency office.

Guidelines From the Environment Agency:

Some other things the Environment Agency has put in place is that you scatter ashes close to the top of the water and try to avoid the ceremony on windy days that will carry the ashes through the air. It is important to make sure you aren’t leaving anything in the water as memorials that will harm the wildlife. Wreaths need to be completely biodegradable and contain no metal components. Nothing should be left in the water that will litter the area.

Building a Ceremony:

When contemplating the scattering ashes ceremony for your lost loved one, give yourself patients and grace. It can be overwhelming in the midst of memorializing someone you love. This ceremony is a way for you and others to gain closure along with celebrate a life that has been lived. Honouring your loved one can should be a time you can feel joy at the time they spent on earth. Putting together a simple time of reflection where you and your party board the boat to scatter ashes and say a few words of remembrance will go a long way in the mourning process.
Keep these things in mind when preparing for a scattering ashes ceremony in the tidal of Thames.

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