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Scattering Ashes is Becoming More Popular

According to Victoria News, the number of families that are scattering ashes of loved ones is on the rise. Benesh, who happens to be the owner of Earth’s Option Cremation and Burial Services in Victoria. He gave an estimation that of the 4,000 deaths in the year in Greater Victoria, approximately 1,000 of them were scattered on water.

Scattering Ashes Services Are On The Rise

On account of the growing need for scattering ashes services, Earth’s Options is offering families a different way of remembering. They create living reem memorials in Benesh. This is a trend that has been seen springing up all along the Atlantic Coast and in Australia.

Families are becoming more and more interested in finding unique ways to remember their loved ones.

How The Living Reefs Are Created

A living reef is certainly a way to accomplish that. The reefs are hand made using sand, sea shells, and concrete that is ocean friendly. The ashes are then mixed into this ornamental reef to become part of the sculpture.

Once the reef has been created, there are three different locations off the shore of Vancouver Island that it will be placed.

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You Can Still Visit The Memorial

Theoretically speaking, you will be able to visit the memorial of your loved one if you are capable of diving. This could certainly be a trip that you planned as a way of remembering your loved one. Of course, you would have to be skilled in this area, but it is conceivable for some.

Contact Scattering Ashes

If you are interested in scattering ashes of your loved one but need assistance, we are here to help you. Contact us today so that we can give you the guidance you need.

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