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Rough Waters Sweeps Man to Sea While Scattering Ashes

It is always a tragedy to lose a loved one in an accident. Another major tragedy is when someone loses their life while trying to honour their loved one.

The Sea Takes One Life

That is exactly what happened to a 32 year old man back in November. He and his 26 year old brother were standing on the cliffs near Tenerife while scattering ashes.

They were honouing their friend by scattering ashes at sea. The friend had been killed in a car accident. While their friend was on the motorway, the vehicle burst into flames and there were no survivors.

The Man Could Not Be Found

The 26 year old brother managed to scramble to safety, but his brother was lost. The rescue crews struggled to search. In fact, two of the members of the crew had to be rescued themselves with the helicopter.

You can check out the rest of the story HERE.

How to Stay Safe While Scattering Ashes at Sea

Here at Scattering on Water, we are passionate about helping people to honour their loved ones on the water. There are a few things you should do to keep yourself safe while scattering ashes.

Check the Weather Conditions

in this particular news story, it was told that there had been a number of storms. Storms cause rough conditions on the water. Be sure that you stay flexible when you are planning and preparing for a service.

You may need to postpone for the safety of the attendees. It is always important to choose your safety first.

Charter a Boat

There isn’t always a way to stand on a shoreline to scatter remains. If you need to be taken out to sea, then it is best to charter a boat. Allow someone else that is familiar with the waters to navigate while you are in the grieving process.

Scatter in Designated Areas

If there are designated areas for you to scatter, it is best you stick in those locations. They were set up for everyone’s safety.

Honouring a loved one is an important part of the healing process. Be safe while you do this.


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