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Removal of Memorial

Phoenix Garden Memorials realizes that the grieving process of a loved takes a long time.  Our goal is to truly give you the opportunity to work through all the emotions that go along with the death of someone you love. We would like to be a helpful resource as you heal.  Memorials are a special way to show your continued love for the person you’ve lost.

Memorial Garden Tribute

Gavin Vitler created a memorial garden for his grandfather that passed away. He learned much about gardening from his grandfather and wanted to create something as tribute to him. The little garden was on his balcony and had a water feature.

The garden gave Vitler peace as he tried to heal from his loss. He was able to tend to the garden and remember the many things his grandfather had taught him as they worked in his garden growing up. Vitler claimed that the memorial garden made him feel close to his grandfather that had passed.

28 Day Notice to Remove

One day, Vitler was upset to see that his housing association sent him a notice that said he had to remove his memorial garden. They insisted that it was a safety issue and gave him a 28 day notice to remove or they would take legal action.

Vitler tried to explain that he’d readjust the furniture and garden to allow for a clear path to exit in the event of an emergency. The housing association was unyielding. He started a petition to save his memorial garden. You can read more about the story here.

Phoenix Memorial Gardens hopes you’d never have to move your memorial. Always do your homework and check to see if the spot you select is an appropriate place for the garden. We’d love to help you and answer any of your questions as you create your memorial garden.

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