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Last Rites for the Patel Caste

Scattering on Water specializes in memorials that celebrate the loved ones of families that have died. We are extremely dedicated to our customers. Our goal is to alleviate some stress and care for the needs and emotions of those we work with in special ways.  

We continuously strive to celebrate those that you love and care for. Our team understands the loss and grieving process is both difficult and different for everyone.

Hindu Rituals

The Hindu community follows the Patel caste rituals. They cremate the deceased other than young children because they are buried after they die instead. Hindus prefer the cremation to take place as quickly as possible after someone dies but must happen during the day. In the event that someone passes away at night, they wait to cremate them until the next day and a family member watches over them for that timeframe.

Once someone dies, the family will light lamps that are known as diyas and fueled by clarified butter known as ghee. They will then put some cow dung in a fire in an earthen pot. The loved one’s remains are taken by pallbearers on bamboo with a coconut hanging on all four handles.

Funeral Procession

The funeral procession is led by male family members and relatives follow behind them to get to the cremation site. Women do not attend the actual cremation service. The attendees stay at the site until the body is totally cremated. The following day a son or close male family member collects the ashes and they are then scattered into a river or ocean.

This ceremony is very meaningful in the Hindu culture. Scattering ashes is a great way to remember loved ones and the Hindus are quite dedicated to making this happen and in a special, memorable way.

Scattering on Water is a full-service company that helps customers by providing urns and charter boats. No matter your need or preference we can help you scatter the remains of your loved one upon water. We are available to answer questions and make your ceremony suited to your loved one.

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