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Why it’s important to plan your scattering activities

It seems sometimes that life’s most important ceremonial occasions can easily become complicated. There are so many details to be concerned about with things like weddings, baptisms, funerals, and the like. The same is true of scattering ashes, as the people of Plymouth are discovering.

Ashes found in park

According to Devon Live, the last year has seen several instances of ashes being scattered in public parks. Some speculate that this may be for several reasons:

  • The convenience of location
  • Sentimental value of the locations to the deceased
  • Wide open space allowing for lots of guests

Whatever the reason, there has been an increase in these scatterings. As a result, many neighbors are not happy with the situation. There is concern both for the remains as well as the public atmosphere.

One citizen noted that her dog had actually walked through a large pile of the ashes. She saw this as unpleasant for families who may be in the park. More importantly, it is seen by some as disrespectful of the deceased.

City council responds

The spokesperson for the Plymouth City Council issued a statement asking local residents to refrain from public scatterings. “In Plymouth, ashes can be scattered in a garden of remembrance, buried in a churchyard or cemetery, or kept,” the spokesperson said. The city council also referred residents to their website for more information on final resting places.

It’s important to plan

In order to avoid these types of situations, it’s important to plan your ceremony. Get to know your local government’s laws and ordinances about scattering ashes. We can help you to plan an ideal ceremony.

At Scattering Ashes,we also have many options for you to consider beyond scattering. We offer several creative ways of remembering your loved one such as jewelry, urns, our viking long-boats, and even fireworks.

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