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Hindus in Leicester have been allocated a spot for scattering on the river Soar

The Hindus in the UK have claimed the River Soar as a place to scatter on water, the ashes of their lost loved ones. It has become increasingly difficult for families to travel back to India to scatter these ashes; especially the older generation.

The Leicester City Council has deemed the waters behind the National Space Center to be an approved spot for scattering ashes. This area is serving the Hindu members of the Jain and Sikh communities. The water can be accessed by a well maintained path that leads to a sturdy platform. In this location, the Hindu people are able to lay to rest their loved ones who have gone on before them.

This location has undergone many inspections from the city council, and thus far has been approved for the scattering of ashes. More testing will be conducted over the next year to determine any harmful environmental impact the scattering of ashes may have on the area.

For the time being, this is an acceptable spot for the members of this faith to scatter the remains of their loved ones. The Hindus need a body of flowing water to capture the ashes of their loved ones. This location provides a safe platform where families and friends can congregate together and celebrate the passing life.

Prior to the council working on this spot for the Sikh and Jain communities, those individuals had to travel to the a few miles Barrow Upon Soar which is also an approved site for the scattering of ashes on water. That location has been anointed with the waters of the River Ganges. What a great service the Leicester City Council has provided the Hindus of this area in the UK. All people should have a safe location to celebrate the passing life of their lost loved ones. This is an important process during a time of loss.


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