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Hindu Ash Banks

Scattering on Water is in business to serve you as you mourn the loss of a family member. We are able to help you with an ash scattering ceremony that will be a wonderful memory and will hopefully help you to heal. Our goal is to be sure you get your questions answered and have the ability to make the time a beautiful one that celebrates your loved one.

There are many types of ceremonies. We can help you with the best fit for you. One type that is common with Hindus has had some struggles but came up with a solution.

Hindu Dilemma

Hindus face some issues with their processes to bury those that they love. The practice that is still done today amongst the Hindu community is that they will cremate the person who has died and then immerse their ashes in water. While this seems like an easy process, it has some issues for them.

One of the customs is that they cannot return home to India with their loved one for 14 days. This means that there is a time lapse for these families where they aren’t able to get to where they need to go. While this poses a problem, there have been some things that have made this easier.

Ash Banks

In order to work through this issue of tradition and what to do with a loved one’s ashes, there was an ash bank opened up because of the idea from Yug Dadhichi Deh Dan Sanstha. The plan here is that they can leave the deceased’s ashes in the bank for up to 30 days. This will help with the two-week window issue of not returning home.

Manoj Sengar is an owner of an ash bank. He opened his first branch up in 2014. The next plan for Sengar is that he wants to open up other banks in a variety of places in order to help fill this need and keep up with this Hindu tradition.

Scattering on Water wants to serve your needs as you grieve and try to schedule a ceremony for your loved one. Feel free to reach out with any questions and let us know how we can help you.

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