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The Chinese Change Their Attitude Toward Scattering Ashes

As the population increases in China, those that live there are adjusting their attitude toward sea burial. This is quite a change in tradition for the Chinese as they are accustomed to burying their loved ones in the ground. There are many reasons that younger generations are changing their wishes in regards to burial.

What is the Traditional Way For Burial

The older generation is against cremation for good reason. They have grown up seeing their family members buried together. In turn, they would like to be laid to rest next to their ancestors as they have seen done over all their lives.

There are other traditions that go into grave burials. The ideal spot would be on the side of a mountain. Other rituals bring the right feng shui to the ceremony.

Why Are Some Choosing to Scatter Ashes

Just like any culture, cost is a big motivator in choosing cremation. For the younger generations in China, the older burial traditions are not important.

Keeping up with the traditions are hard since family cemeteries are going away. The waiting list for public cemeteries are growing. For this reason, many do not see the need to bury their loved ones. Instead, they are choosing a less wasteful method of laying their family to rest.

The younger generation has a lot of pressure from work and family obligations. For this reason, they are less likely to visit the family graves. They still honour their dead relatives in the home.

The Government is Pushing the Chinese to Change Their Ways

There are many reasons the government has gotten in on helping to persuade its citizens to scatter ashes at sea. Land resources are dwindling in the area. With a growing society, there is less space to house cemeteries.

The government has made concerted efforts to get those planning funeral arrangements to consider cremations. They have not been as successful with older generations, but are starting to get through to younger people.

Already, the number of sea burials are increasing. Many are choosing to spread ashes into the sea in groups.

Between the rising costs of traditions and the government push for the change, this people group are changing their ways.

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