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Scattering Ashes at sea is on the rise in Japan

Scattering ashes at sea is on the rise among the Japanese culture. Many reasons are contributing to these factor such as cost, someone to care for the graves long term, lack of space in the family gravesite, and celebrating the life. These sea services give the individuals that are mourning their losses a serene view to scatter the ashes as they can remember the times with their loved ones with joy in their hearts. This form of burial is taking the dread of funeral services and allowing the family to celebrate the life of their loved one in a more informal way.

In Yokosuka, many scattering ashes companies have come into existence to meet the needs of the mourning families. One such company is Seiren, whose president is Rie Shinnyo. This is not just a service to drive people out into the right open waters that meet regulations, but they also strive to provide an experience that the family can use to bring closure.

Scattering ashes services have been a great benefit to many families that are mourning losses and celebrating the life of a loved one. Instead of visiting a loved ones grave, many are remembering that special person by dining at a seaside restaurant. The serenity that the ocean brings is calming and beautiful.

Kaze, another scattering ashes company offers grief counseling to the family. They are not just a boating service that avoids fishing areas for the sake of taboo. Instead, they focus their time and energy on really pouring into the hurting families and help them deal with their loss. Kaze is committed to making the experience personal to the ones left behind by offering specific flowers and other effects that would remind the family of their losses.

With cremations and scattering remains on the rise, more businesses will take on the funeral aspects of the service. Some, even now, are willing to disperse the ashes on behalf of family that can not get to their loved ones. They do this by proxy and help to put the minds of grieving individuals to rest.

The people that offer taking families out to sea to bury their loved ones are doing a great service to humanity. Helping those that are mourning losses put their loved ones to rest, is an incredible thing to offer others. As more people turn to cremation, these companies will become more valuable and offer more amenities.

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