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A New Sign is Posted to Indicate Scattering Ashes is Allowed

In Ontario, Canada, a new sign has shown up at Bronte Creek Park. The park is located in Oakville and is a serene area to take the family for a day out. They recently posted a sign stating that people can scatter ashes.

The Sign Causes Mixed Reactions In The Community

Like any decision that is made, there are mixed reactions from community members about the sign. Some are very thankful that there is a sign that states they can scatter ashes of their loved ones in the grass or the creek if they wish.

Other members of the community are concerned about people spreading the remains close to picnic tables where people eat. However, the sign clearly outlines the guidelines that are to be followed when having a scattering ashes ceremony in the park.

Scattering Ashes Has Been Legal Since 2009

It is important to note that scattering ashes in the park has been legal for many years. The sign was put up so that everyone knows that it is ok to do that in the area. Also, there are detailed instructions of what can and cannot be done when scattering remains.

The sign is there for the safety of everyone as well as to put the mind’s of family members to rest when they come to bury their loved ones.

The Impact On The Hindu Community

The Hindus that live in the area are thankful that the sign is now in place. With their belief system, they need a place to scatter the remains of their loved ones. It is a wonderful thing for them to have a clear understanding that Bronte Creek is a place they can scatter ashes on water.

Overall, the reaction in the community is positive. If you would like to see the news report, you can click the following link.

Oakville Ashes


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