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Methods for interring, burying, scattering cremated ashes

methods scattering cremated funeral human ashesWhether to keep, scatter or bury is a difficult choice. 

Keeping cremation ashes

Keeping: there are two ways you can do this:

In the home in a urn that is retained in the house somewhere and there is a huge array on the market. Before you buy consider where you wish to keep it and how prominent you would like it to be – a focal point or a subtle reminder, in the living room, the bedroom or a private space.

In the garden where it is subtle yet prominent, in site and out in the elements. Garden sculptures are one idea – here is one company that makes something striking contemporary designs – Solise

Burying cremated ashes:

Burying: there are no rules regarding the depth for burying ashes, advice from we have obtained suggests three foot (90cm) or greater – if you are burying cremation ashes choose a suitable container for where you are choosing to bury. We suggest that suitable to use a solid wood container if you are sure the ground will not be disturbed in the future  a grave for example.

Should you choose to bury somewhere remote, it maybe better to choose an urn that will biodegradable which will allow their return to the earth more quickly. You should try to ensure they are remote enough for it not to be stumbled upon by a dog walker or treasure hunter, or putting it another way burying the ashes with a memento in a place that is regularly used by the public could lead to it being disturbed. Here is our selection of urns for natural burial

Warning : that if you choose to bury the ashes in an urn then technically the law this is same as for burying a body (and will be treated as such if you opt to bury at a family grave), as such you will need to have a exhumation order to retrieve or remove them, which is often difficult and traumatic to get. So consider this option as final.

These are the basic methods to scatter cremated ashes:

Casting: is the act of throwing the cremation ashes to the wind or sometimes just called scattering

Here are some tips –

  • we would suggest you invest in a scattering tube or urn they are far more dignified than the plastic container you receive from the crematorium.
  • keep it fairly low, below waist height
  • make sure party members are upwind
  • don’t ‘up-end’ the canister unless you have a rake, it can be quite undignified should you then need level the ashes.

Here is a our selection of scattering urns

Ringing Ashes: Scatter the ashes in a ring shape on the ground or around an object e.g. a tree or in a clearing. Hold the scattering urn close to the ground. One nice idea is for participants to enter the ring to speak about the deceased. Here is our selection of scattering urns

Trenching or Beaching: If you pick the correct time and beach it can be great, we would suggest a sandy beach and spot below the high tide line, if you are not sure where this is look for the line of seaweed and debris near the top of the beach, we would suggest going quite a way below this– dig a groove in a shape or symbol. A gardening paddle hoe works well for this (see our Accessories page).

Sprinkle the ashes into the trench and wait until the tide washes the ashes it away – you can add even more solemnity to it by choosing sunrise or sunset.

Warning don’t do it above the high tide line and try to stay away from the beach entry exit point. You could get disturbed and you may end up being turned into a sand castle and pity those building it too!

Here is the choice of scattering urns and there is one has the ocean pictured on it.

Here is the tide timetable if it helps

Raking: this is the practise used in gardens of remembrance, by using a rake you can disperse the ashes equally – this will allow for faster integration with the soil and better consistency. This may be the method if scattering in your own garden, for the right type of rake see or Accessories page

If you like what we are trying to do and you are going to buy an urn – please buy from us. Also would like to know what you are intending to do with the Cremation ashes as it will help us in knowing what content to put on the site – what are going to do with the cremation ashes

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