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scattering ashes st ives

Cornwall: St Ives

Location                   St Ives, Cornwall.

Area of operation   St Ives Bay, North Cornwall Coast, Atlantic Ocean.

Type of Boat            Lochin 33, 10 Metre Boat.

Duration of trip      One hour

Capacity of boat      Licensed to carry 12 passengers

Refreshments          Available by request

Additional info       St Ives Bay is widely recognised as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. The ashes scattering ceremony is usually held in a quiet spot either near to Godrevy lighthouse or off Porthmeor Beach.

Suitable urn            Water Urns

Cost                          £168

Parking Car             Parking in St Ives is in public car parks only, usually a walk of 5-10 minutes away.

Disabled access      This is a difficult because St Ives is a tidal harbour, so even at high tide, there is a flight of stairs with a handrail to descend. They will let you know when the high tide is for that day.

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