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Traditional Hindu Cremation Information

When loved ones pass away it is hard for the family and friends to navigate. Here at Scattering Ashes on Water, we are always looking for ways to help others honour their loved ones. That is why we put together a guide for a traditional Hindu cremation.

Who is Cremated?

In the Hindu tradition, the body is burned unless the body is of babies, children or saints. Cremation is the tradition that involves the burning of the body down to ashes.

How is the Loved One Transported?

The Hindu cremation ceremony is done a bit differently. Usually, the casket is carried to the cremation site. There are companies that transport the body to the cremation site, also.

The eldest male in the family and one other male from the family ride along with the vehicle transporting the body. Only men attend the cremation ceremony in the Hindu tradition.

Information About the Cremation Ceremony

A pyre is built for the cremation ceremony. The body is placed on the pyre and burned. People gather around until the body is completely burned.

In the United States, a cremation is done by a crematory. Before the cremation, a ceremony is had for people to gather one more time before cremation.

What Happens After The Funeral

After the funeral family and loved ones gather to celebrate the life of the person who passed away. People share memories and join each other for a meal. At some post-funeral ceremonies, a priest is present and prays.

In the days after the funeral begins a mourning process. People would typically visit the family of the deceased. Ceremonies with pictures and memories are displayed while a prayer is said to have the spirit rest in peace.

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