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Underwater Solace Stones

When someone who is near and dear to your heart has left this life ahead of you, it can be a difficult and confusing time. During these moments, you spend much time pondering the life that was lost and wondering just how best to memorialize their time here on earth. It is important during these times to not feel rushed about honouring your loved one. Take the time necessary and process your losses before deciding about the scattering ashes. The way in which you memorialize your loved one will help you to feel peace and comfort in the years to come. Should you choose to create a lasting memorial in the ocean, consider placing a solace stone in the manmade reef in the Weymouth and Portland area of the United Kingdom.


Manmade Reefs:

Manmade reefs have been around for centuries and are used to increase fish habitations in the ocean. These reefs bring life to the sea and allow for a healthier world. When you choose to memorialize your lost loved one in the form of a solace stone, you are giving back to the ocean. It is way to stimulate life after death.


What is Included in This Service:

The Weymouth and Portland Solace Reef, Ltd. will take you on a short boat ride out to where the reef is located. You and twelve of your family members are welcome to board and partake in a memorial service while scattering ashes on water. They will provide you with a solace stone and the ability to scatter ashes out to sea with your dearest family members present. You will also receive a certificate that can later be displayed for the remembrance of your loved one.



It is important to be prepared for a memorial service in honour of the one who has gone on before. When you decide to scatter ashes on water with the Weymouth and Portland Solace Reef, Ltd. you can ask your family members to meet up ahead of time at a certain location for a time of reconnection. Then you will all be present on time to board the boat and head out to the location where you can scatter ashes and the solace stone will be placed. It is also a good idea to have someone prepared to speak at the service while on water. These moments will bring a great time of reflection for you and others to remember your loved one.

During times of loss, you can find comfort in memorials. When you scatter ashes on water, you will find closure and peace in the process.

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