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No Frills Cremation Services

Telling your loved ones what you want for your funeral is one of the hardest conversations most people will have. Attitudes are changing, and uncertainty adds a lot of stress and pressure to those left behind, at an already high-stress time. The team at Scattering On Water can guide you through new options that are available, making this an easier time for everyone.

Changing Attitudes

A growing number of people are looking for a simpler, informal funeral. Focus is moving away from the funeral as a time for grieving and becoming a time of celebrating the life lived. A time to enjoy the life lived, rather than the life lost.

With the focus changing to become a time of celebration it is time to rethink the burial process and what people really want. Does your loved one really want a big production for their funeral? How would you like to see your last money spent? Or create a hardship for those left behind when there is no money to pay for a traditional funeral? Is it really necessary to have the bodies embalmed? To have a casket and vault?

New Options and Opportunities

Direct cremation actually increases the funeral choices available to the family. After your loved one has passed, direct cremation can be respectful and economical. It also opens the door to more flexibility in what the family needs.

At its simplest level, upon passing your loved one can be sent to a direct cremation center. Their body will be cremated and the ashes put in a box or an urn and will then be given to you. A gathering of family and friends would be whatever your preferences are. It could be doing nothing more, to having an elaborate get together when the timing is good for everyone.

Talking to Your Loved Ones About Your Preferences

Expressing your desires to those you love can be a very difficult thing. It can also be the most loving thing you can do. Not having a plan will make things more difficult and always wondering if they made the right decisions. Making your funeral desires known to those you leave behind will stop them from struggling or second-guessing what you might have wanted.

Call Us

If you would like more information on no frills cremation, give the team at Scattering On Water a call. We are here to answer any questions, and help you to make an informed decision for your final plans. It’s one of the most loving things you can do for those you love.

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