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Pagan send off – Viking longboat urn

1 Upright viking longboat urn

Unique Viking Longboat Urns

This is the way to go out in style: set upon the water, set adrift and set alight. Then as the fire ebbs away the boat sinks gracefully below the water.

To see how they work: Viking Boat Ceremony filmed in Somerset.

The Viking Longboat Urn we produce is the only one of its kind in the world.

They are made form biodegradable sustainable wood and glues. They can be buried or set adrift and alight on a lake or calm sea.

They come with a stand so you can keep them on display as long as you wish before the ceremony, or display permanently if you wish.

Each Viking cremation urn is individually and lovingly handcrafted and has been specially designed to hold the ashes.

They are approximately 80cm in length.

As Charles Cowling author of the Good Funeral Guide puts it about the Viking send off:

“It is spectacular. The flames rise to the heavens as the wind fills the longboat’s sails and it journeys.

There is compelling emotional and spiritual appeal in this imagery, of journeying, transition, transfiguration and consummation. The spirit rises as the craft moves over the face of the waters; that which is earthly is subsumed by the sea. All the elements are present: earth, air, fire, water. And there is an inexorable dynamic.”

They create a truly memorable ceremony.

We have changed the way produce them, ordering in small batches, which has allowed to significantly reduce the price. We are expecting the next batch of to arrive mid March, they are limited in number so let us know if you want to reserve one. Please note there are a few improvement to the new model not shown on the photographs: more shields; a steering oar; no nodules on the decking and wooden dowels holding the shield in place.

Cost £350 for the Standard size and £95 for the Keepsake size.

There are more pictures below the contact form

A poignant and dramatic send-off fit to send a hero to Valhalla!

To buy: Viking Longship urn




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