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Veteran’s Ashes Scattered from HMAS Darwin

Scattering on Water specializes in memorials that celebrate the loved ones of families that has passed away but held so dear. We go alongside people that are grieving in order to help them come up with a tribute or special way to scatter the ashes of their family member or friend.  

Military Ash Scattering Service

One story that was particularly moving was a military service to honor the service of a great man. Stacey Butson chose to honor her grandfather, John Mortimer Butson that served during in the Navy World War II by scattering his ashes off the coast of Tanzania. Stacey followed in her grandfather’s footsteps by joining the service herself.

The ceremony was conducted on the Darwin flight deck. A chaplain shared kind words about John Butson’s service and the read Ode of Remembrance. He was a highly honored man and was awarded the 1939-1945 Star, the Pacific Star, the WWII medal and the Active Service Medal.

The Decision to Scatter the Ashes

Stacey was posted to the Darwin and was heading to the Middle East. The family then realized the best way to honor John Butson was for her to scatter the ashes from her post. Stacy felt honored to do this for her grandfather and the rest of her family too.

Quite a few of Darwin’s sailors attended the ceremony to celebrate and remember John Butson’s service. His family believes that he would appreciate the honor and way that the scattered his ashes.

Many families are not sure what to do with the remains of a loved one. Scattering on Water is able to help you sort through your feelings and come up with ideas based on info you share about the person that has passed away. We are here for you and want to make your ceremony memorable and especially unique for your loved one.

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