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When someone you love has passed on, coming up with a creative way to memorialize that individual can seem like a daunting task. It takes time to decide how best to remember and celebrate the life of your loved one. Give yourself that time to reflect on the life you spent with them and put your mind at ease during this healing process. Memorializing someone you care for deeply can come in many forms, and there probably won’t ever be one event that you choose to remember them. It will happen every day in a variety of ways where you will find yourself doing something in their honour. One way to memorialize your loved one is to contribute to a man made reef. There are several man made reefs that are popping up all over. In Australia, the Reef Ball is a gorgeous reef that is being slowly but surely put together by people that are honouring the memories of those they love.


What is the Reef Ball

The Reef Ball in Australia is a man made reef that helps the undersea habitat. These reefs give back to ocean life and will have lasting impact on the environment. Fish and other sea creatures greatly benefit from the life the reef brings. With the Reef Ball, you have the ability to craft your memorial stone on sight out of concrete. A certified diver will place the memorial in a designated location and supply you with pictures of it in its resting place. This is an amazing way to give back to the earth by remembering your loved one. Projects like the Reef Ball are so important to sea life as they work to restore damaged reefs and build up the area for the sea creatures.


What is Next

However you choose to memorialize your loved one, it is part of the healing process. They will always be a part of you in your mind. Each day you will think of them, but the pain of the loss will lessen with time. There will always be things that you do each year to actively remember them in your life. In the months that follow a loss, be ready to have your good days and bad days.

Doing things to remember someone that has passed on is a great way to incorporate their memories into your daily life. When you lose someone, it is important that you know they are still with you.

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