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Scattering ashes in Sydney Harbour


When you have lost a loved one, choosing the right place to scatter their ashes can be a true task. It is important to remind yourself that celebrating the life of the person who has passed on is a way for you to feel closure. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the task and there are things to consider. If you have been thinking about scattering the ashes of your loved one under the iconic Harbour Bridge in Sydney, then consider using a water taxi to drive you to your location.

Sydney Water Taxis:

Using a Sydney water taxi to drive you to the Harbour Bridge will give you a wonderful platform to celebrate the passing of your loved one. The taxi service is very reliable and able to pick up from multiple locations. They come on time and will make your funeral plans simple to execute. The size of the boat can house up to 500 people and children are welcome aboard. However many people you invite along to spread your loved ones ashes, will be accommodated in comfort.

Harbour Bridge:

The Harbour Bridge in Sydney is beautifully lit up with upwards of 100,000 LED brilliant lights that reflect off the water in the night sky. The rainbow colors make the atmosphere serene and peaceful. Imagine making this are the resting place of the person who has passed on.


When making the preparations to celebrate the passing of your loved one, there are some things to take into account.

  • Bookings- Make certain you chose a time and location for you and your invitees to meet a few weeks in advance. You can easily book the Sydney water taxi online for the time and place you would like to be picked up.
  • Invitations- Put together a list of friends and family that you want to invite to celebrate the life of the lost loved one.
  • Urn- Choose an ornamental urn to carry the ashes that will represent your loved one.
  • Flowers- Any flowers that are thrown into the water need to be fresh flowers that are easily biodegradable.
  • Restaurant- Pick a restaurant on the water to visit after the scattering service to further memorialize your loved one. Choose a restaurant that serves food that your loved one would have loved to eat as a way to recognize them.

When you choose to scatter the ashes of your loved one under the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, use some of these tips to help you prepare for the service.

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