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sea ashes scattering

A New Memorial Stone in Glenelg

In Glenelg, Australia, a new memorial has been placed for those that have scattered ashes at sea. This unique memorial has been received well by the families in the community.

The Solution To Memorial Benches

One of the reasons that the memorial was erected was to solve the growing problem of not having enough spaces for memorial benches. Families were asking for memorial benches to be placed along the area facing the water.

There was not enough benches to meet the demand. That is why Mandy Rose, the curator for the council’s cemetery, brainstormed this idea.

Meeting The Needs Of The Families

Family members of those that have been scattered in the water, would like to have a place to come and remember their loved ones. It is part of the healing process to have something tangible to help you when you need to be close to your loved one.

The granite memorial sculpture will provide what these families need. For $1500, a family can choose to have the name of their loved one inscribed on the stone.

It Is A One Of A Kind Memorial Stone

At this point, the council says that this idea is 100% unique to the area. They have yet to see other regions have a memorial stone for those whose ashes are scattered on water.

They are receiving a lot of positive feedback about the efforts. You can read the rest of the story HERE.

It is important that when you scatter ashes on water of your loved ones, that you find ways to memorialize them. If you do not have access to a memorial stone like the one in Glenelg, then you should find another tangible memorial.
Having a place you can go or visualize will help you when you are mourning the loss of your loved one. This could be a memorial garden, a bench, or a stone. When you have a place you can go, it will help you to feel closer to your loved one.

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