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gold coast ashes scattering

ANZAC Day scattering ashes on the God Coast

When you lose a loved one, especially in service to your country, it can sometimes feel even more difficult. Thoughts always surround you during those times of loss and you wonder how things could have been different to avoid the tragedy or loss that you experienced. Having a memorial service with others that have experienced such a great loss like you, can be a way that you can feel closure and peace. Having others that have experienced the same fate can bring you comfort. In Gold Coast, Australia, each year they have a time of remembrance on Anzac Day. The Currumbin RSL President, Ron Workman began this tradition in 2008, and each year it has grown exponentially as people gather to be a part of the scattering ashes ceremony.

This year, 20 boats lined the harbour, each one in charge of scattering ashes of one service person over the water. The memorial service for these brave individuals had moving music being played from a didgeridoo and then followed up with bagpipes. Such a wonderful experience to reflect on the passing loved ones and cherished members of the servicemen. As the boats sat in the water near the beach, the crowd remained silent and stayed reflective as the music played on. Another amazing part of the ceremony was a slideshow of many pictures of the battalions and other incredible photographs of the servicemen.

Many members of the club ask to be a part of this ceremony each, as they see how important it is to the family members of the ones that have gone on. Bringing the crowds together to remember these service men and woman is a beautiful thing to behold. This year the ceremony was the largest it has ever been with 20 boats, and 100 surf club rowers to man the boats.

This is a great representation of how people remember those that they love and can continue to honour them even once they have departed this life. These types of services are so important to us in our humanity as it causes us to reflect on our lives. We are able to remember the things that were, and be thankful for the things that are now. It can bring peace and comfort to the hearts of those that mourn.

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