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A Reader Account of Scattering Ashes on Water

Most of us have seen people scattering ashes on a movie or show. It seems so natural to watch scattering ashes at a sea ceremony. To actually be the one to spread the remains is another story.

What is it Like to Scatter Ashes at Sea

One reader tells Huffington Post that it was much harder than he expected to let his brother’s remains go. The day came for him to hire a boat to take him out. He struggled to find someone willing to challenge the seas on that stormy day.

Finding a Boat For Sea Burial. 

After finding someone who would take her out to a nearby lighthouse. She made it to a place where she could give her brother to the ocean. Right before she let him go, she didn’t know the words to say when scattering ashes.

What to Say When Scattering Ashes at Sea

She tells how she thought maybe she would say a prayer. That always seems to be a fitting thing to make a part of sea burial. Maybe a poem or a devotional thought.

Instead, she decided to reminisce in her mind of a trip they dreamed of to North Africa. Only two weeks prior, her brother had said he would like to visit there one day. In a non-committal voice, she told him they would plan the trip together.

Here she stood in the Port of Jaffa on a humid day.

North Africa is like that in the summer months. She decided to take her brother’s dream and make it happen for him.

Whether she felt real closure from the day is still yet to be seen. One day, she will look back at the event and feel at peace. It takes time to heal this kind of wound.

If you want to read her full story, go HERE.

Scattering On Water Helps Individuals With Sea Burial

Whether you need a boat ride, water urn, or to know the laws on scattering ashes in the UK, we can help you. We are able to find a company that is willing to take you out on the sea. Our water urns are all biodegradable and allowed to be placed in the water.

If you need advice of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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