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Alternative Funeral- Viking Style

Those that have loved ones cremated, have many different ways they may consider scattering ashes of their family member. Some find a place in the woods and others scatter ashes on water near their favorite fishing area or along trails.

In Alaska, the owners of Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge have come up with an alternative for those that are honouring their loved ones. Keith and Randi Iverson are giving people the option of a viking funeral at their lodge.

Eternal Rest Area Added to The Lodge

The Iverson’s have been running the lodge since 1981. Just last year, they put together an area in the lodge called, Alaska’s Eternal Rest. They work with grieving families to lay their loved ones to rest.

They provide family members a way to place ashes  in the woods, streams or near their lodge. As part of their service, they will include a memorial that the family would like, and they enter their loved one’s name in the Book of Souls. This is kept at Sadie Cove.

Full Viking Funeral Options Available

Those that are interested can contract the Iverson’s to do a full Viking Funeral for the price of $10,000. They will supply the boat and all for the service.

They make sure that people know that an actual Viking Funeral isn’t what you would see on television. They do not put bodies in a boat and push them out to the water and shoot fire arrows at it. That would not be an efficient way of cremating your loved one.

The service they provide is for already cremated individuals. Many people cremate their family members, but have no idea what to do with the remains. Some will keep their loved ones on a shelf or in a closet. The Iverson’s want to help change people’s mindset that they have something else they can do to lay their relatives to rest.

Scattering Ashes Offers a Viking Boat

If you are interested in a viking boat urn, we sell one for you. We have directions of how to use the urn for your scattering ashes ceremony.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this product.


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