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Scattering Ashes Ceremony at Sea

Scattering funeral ashes at sea:

We can find a boat operator for you from virtually every section of coastline of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, even the Isle of Man

In the UK you do not need a license or permission to scatter funeral ashes in coastal waters.

You do not need specifically designed water urn, although we would recommend it as they make for a more designed ceremony as they prevent the ashes from blowing about.

Some guidance and advice:

  • Don’t put anything in the water that does not degrade, including scatter tubes
  • Scattering on the surface of the water, even on a calm day can lead to problems the ash contains very fine particles that will blow about on the slightest breeze and tend to stick to the side of the boat.
  • Water urns are designed to float for a short while sink and then breakdown, some almost straight away some over about 24 hrs.
  • Rose or other flower petals can make a nice touch for the ceremony
  • If you are casting a wreath or similar please ensure there is no plastic or wire is used.
  • The summer months tend to be calmer if passengers suffer with sea sickness
  • A lot of boats do not operate in the winter months
  • Our ceremony sets contain anything you need for a water ceremony – water ceremony set


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