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Poems for scattering ashes over water

The full sea

The full sea rolls and thunders
In glory and in glee.
O, bury me not in the senseless earth
But in the living sea!

Ay, bury me where it surges
A thousand miles from shore,
And in its brotherly unrest
I’ll range for evermore.

William Ernest Henley


Alone I Will Not Be

My comfort will come from the sea.
The stillness of calm waves will gently drift by
I will be as one with the sea.

When the sun sets on the ocean blue, remember me as I will always remember you.
As the sun rises…go live life as full as can be
Apart…you and me…but be at peace for I am free.

Capt. Chad Theesfeld

Part of time
Throw my ashes to the wind
And let them blow at will.
Twirling and whirling with each gust,
They never will be still.Some fall upon a blade of grass
And some fall out to sea.
All the shackles of life will come and go,
I’m free, I’m free, I’m free.

See me on a spider’s web
Blowing in the breeze,
See me on the church pews
When you are on your knees.

I’m here, I’m there, I’m all around.
Oh no, I’m not that shy,
It was a lovely, lovely life,
Now I’m halfway to the sky.

One speck may fall upon a rose.
Then mixed with dewdrops fine,
It’s picked by you – and I shall say,
It’s me – I’m part of time.

Dorothy Jean Barton MBE

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