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Water is a wonderful place to scatter your loved one's cremation ashes. Whether you chose a river, the sea, a lake or a canal - we can help.

People of the British Isles and beyond have such a strong association with water. We grow up playing in the sea on holiday, we fish in our rivers, swim in our lakes and many even work in the Royal Navy or volunteer with the RNLI. Perhaps because we are an island nation it holds a strong spiritual connection forged by our forefather. It is not surprising that many of us wish this to be the final resting place for our ashes.

Water is both mentally calming and stimulating, we have tranquil lakes, babbling brooks, fast flowing rivers and crashing waves. If this is your choice,  we can help you chose the right location, we have over 60 boats who can take you somewhere peaceful and private to have your water ceremony.  We can help you choose the right urn for the job. We can help you turn it into a family ceremony so that everyone can take part. And finally we can help you record the event for future generations.

Water burial set

Scattering Ashes Over Water – Ceremony Set

We have put together the complete set for you to have a memorable and dignified water ceremony. It contains:
  • Water Urn suitable for one person – Cretian (these urn submerge quickly suitable for deeper water) or Journey (these float a while before sinking).
  • Rose Flower Petals 1ltr
  • A box of ‘Promises’, this is a box of notelets that are specifically designed to dissolve quickly on impact with water. These are for you to write final messages and words.
  • Ceremony Certificate – a scattering ceremony record,
  • Guide Book – ‘Celebrating the Life of a Loved One: what to do with their ashes’
Indian ashes ceremony

Hindu Ashes Water Burial Set

We have created a Hindu inspired water ceremony set that includes:
  • A Water Biodegradable Urn suitable for one person’s ashes. A simple clay urn with embossed Om symbol – this urn will submerge quickly and is suitable for water burials.
  • A 1 litre box of natural dried flowers comprising of:
    • Hibiscus
    • Roses
    • Jasmine
    • Marigold
  • A box of ‘Promises’ which are notelets  designed to dissolve quickly in water. Guests can write their final messages or prayers before casting them into the water.
  • A Ceremony Certificate – for you to record the date and location for future generations.
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